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Bespoke Wedding Collection

Bespoke wedding florals offer a range of benefits by expressing your unique style and individual personality as a couple. Collaborating closely with a floral designer ensures your florals will complement the venue's ambiance and enhance your wedding's characteristics perfectly. Incorporating bespoke florals secures the highest quality blooms sourced from trusted suppliers and arranged with meticulous attention to detail to create stunning designs, enhancing the overall atmosphere of your wedding. Expect a cohesive and seamless aesthetic, complimenting your wedding's overall theme. Bespoke wedding florals by Sturtz & Copeland gives rise to a memorable and stunning atmosphere for you and your guests.

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Destination Wedding Collection

A la carte wedding florals offer a variety of benefits to fit your preferences and budget. Signature bouquets and pre-designed options streamline the dicey decision-making process, while still offering a diverse selection of styles and designs. Every arrangement is crafted by experienced floral designers, all of whom understand the latest contemporary practices and trends. The result is cohesive wedding florals that are impactful and impressive. With fixed pricing, our a la carte collection promises clarity and transparency, especially when allocating a budget. Expertly coordinated and meticulously crafted, Sturtz & Copeland's a la carte collection accomplishes the gorgeous aesthetic that your special day deserves.

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Wedding table arrangement

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Sturtz & Copeland in Boulder, CO offers exquisite and unique bouquets, using only the freshest and highest quality flowers. Their exceptional customer service makes them a top choice for anyone looking to brighten up their home or surprise a loved one with a thoughtful and beautiful gift. With a wide selection of beautiful blooms, Sturtz & Copeland is perfect for any occasion.