Brassica oleracea

Kale: Brassica Oleracea

The textures of the long lasting rosettes of Flowering Kale are equally at home in contemporary, kitchen or English gardens as well as baskets, pots and planters.  Leaf color develops best with cooler temperatures and can range anywhere from pink and purple to white and cream. Ornamental kale thrives in the chilly spring and fall weather of Boulder and can survive frosts of approx -5 F.  Unfortunately they don't like the heat and they will bolt once temperatures exceed 80 F.  For that reason they are very useful for extending the gardening season at both ends.  They are one of the first plants to arrive in March and are stocked again in late summer through Thanksgiving.  

A couple of years ago Cyndy, our skillful French Garden manager, constructed a fabulous combination of various Kale, Ranunculus, Violas, Alyssum, and Vinca in two large pots near our store’s front entryway.  They were stunning from the start and went on to mature beautifully, flourishing in the occasional snow.