Campsis radicans

Trumpet Vine: Campsis radicans

Vigorous, hardy trumpet vines bloom profusely with clusters of red, yellow or orange trumpet shaped flowers that the hummingbirds and bees love. Trumpet vines do very well in our Boulder climate with it's cold winters and sunny dry summers.  Once established they are very drought tolerant.

Before you plant a trumpet vine, make sure you've got plenty of room for one. They can grow up to 33 feet in height and will cover a trellis, fence or even a telephone pole.  It's best not to plant them near the house or other structures as they put out a huge number of tendrils that grab on to everything.  These tendrils will eventually get to be heavy, woody stems several centimeters in diameter that can cause real damage.

In the right spot with ruthless and aggressive pruning, they will reward you with gorgeous flowers, and happy hummingbirds.