Parrots Beak Plant

Parrots Beak: Lotus berthelotti

Sun to Part Shade / 6' Tall / Zone 9 / Average water and well-draining soil This serious fairy is surprisingly handy and doesn't mind hammering out the details. A feathered-friend served as her inspiration and Sammy was careful not to cut corners as she constructed a little masterpiece that quickly became her favorite perch.  Parrots Beak plants produce an exotic looking flower resembling a parrot’s beak.  The flowers are come in a variety of flame colors, including shades of red and golden yellow are perfectly suited for outdoor fairy gardens. She's a fairy of few words, but her vibrant crowd pleaser gives everyone something to talk about. Sammy doesn't wear out easily, but when she does, her brilliant creation provides the perfect spot for putting her head down and her feet up!