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We all love sprays of orchids as cut flowers in big, bold tropical arrangements.  The individual flowers are wonderful in wedding bouquets, corsages and hair pieces, but nothing can compare to them as long lasting, beautiful blooming houseplants.  Their delicate blossoms lead you to think that they would be difficult to keep, but in reality they are one of the easiest plants for the indoor gardener to keep in bloom.

Our favorites are all the varietes of phalaenopsis.  They are often referred to as moth orchids for the shape of their pink, white, lavender or yellow flowers that bloom profusely on gracefully curving stems. Mature phaleonopsis plants often send up another spike with multiple buds before all the flowers on the last spikes have faded so that you have blossoms all year long.

Connie is one of our orchid experts.  If you are new to orchids, she will be happy to show you how to choose and care for a new plant.  She can repot any of your older plants, and she's great at trying to help you if you are having problems getting your orchids to rebloom.  If you've been trying to locate a special orchid, she may be able to special order it for you from one of her many growers.

Sturtz and Copeland offers beginning and advanced classes on orchid care two or three times a year.  We also have a full line of orchid care products, including pots, planting mixes and fertilizers.



Cattleya: Cattleya

KAT-lee-ah Cattleyas are among the most popular orchids. Their culture is often used as the basis for comparison with other types of orchids. Cattleyas and their related hybrids come in many colors, shapes, forms and sizes. Culture varies only slightly among most of these. This sheet is a general guide to basic cattleya culture. Like many other cultivated orchids, cattleyas are epiphytes, or... Read More »
Dendrobium Orchid Plant Boulder CO

The Spray Orchid: Dendrobium

Den-DROH-BE-UM Dendrobiums are amongst the most commonly encountered or orchids in the retaill trade. Like most other cultivated orchids, dendrobiums are epiphytes, or air plants. They have well-developed water-storage organs (pseudobulbs), often called “canes” for their upright, leavy appearance. They should be potted in porous, free-draining media. There are many different types... Read More »
Miltonia Orchid

Miloniopsis: Miltonia

Mil-TOH-nee-ah Including Miloniopsis (mil-toh-nee-OP-sis) These striking orchids, which are also known as pansy orchids, owing to their similarity to garden pansies, are enjoying increasing popularity. Miltoniopsis are cool-growing orchids that originate in higher elevations of the Andes in Columbia, Panama and Ecuador. They warmer-growing, species, properly mitonias, originate from Minas Gerais... Read More »
Oncidium Orchids

Dancing Ladies: Oncidium

On-SID-ee-um This is an extraordinarily large and diverse New World genus with an equally diverse number of habitats. Oncidiums may originate anywhere from sea level in the tropics to the high elevations of the Andes. This obviously makes cultural generalizations difficult. More specific instructions may be available from the grower. Some genera included are Aspasia, Brassia, warm-growing miltonias... Read More »
Phalaenopsis Orchids

The Moth Orchid: Phalaenopsis

Fayl-eh-NOP-siss Phalaenopsis is perhaps the best orchid for growing in the home, and is also a favorite with greenhouse growers. Well-grown plants can flower often, sometimes with a few flowers throughout the year, thought he main season is late winter into spring. Average home temperatures and conditions are usually sufficient. Flower stems on certain hybrids can be forced to re-bloom by cutting... Read More »