Alyssum Lobularia

Alyssum: Alyssum

Lobularia, better knows as Sweet Alyssum for its honey fragrance, invites bees, butterflies, and other pollinators and is, therefore, a common sight in vegetable as well as flower gardens.  It grows quickly in cool, bright sun to partial shade.  Plants benefit from a small pruning during the hottest days of summer, when they go slightly dormant.  Like petunias, alyssum is a fast... Read More »

Summer Snapdragon: Angelonia

Sometimes referred to as Summer Snapdragon, the flowers and leaves of Angelonia are similar to those of a dainty snapdragon. Angelonia has delicate salvia-like flower spires reaching a foot or two high. These flower spires are studded with those delicate snapdragon-like flowers in beautiful colorations of purple, white, or pink. It's the perfect plant for adding bright color to hot, sunny... Read More »

Snapdragon: Antirrhinum

What a welcome sight after a dreary winter.  Snapdragons begin to arrive in March at the same time as our pansies, ranunculus, ornamental kale, dianthus, alyssum, and vinca.  They love cool temperatures and bright to partial light making them a favorite for early spring and fall planting.  Once the dog days of summer are upon us they may go slightly dormant.  No worries…this... Read More »
Brassica oleracea

Kale: Brassica Oleracea

The textures of the long lasting rosettes of Flowering Kale are equally at home in contemporary, kitchen or English gardens as well as baskets, pots and planters.  Leaf color develops best with cooler temperatures and can range anywhere from pink and purple to white and cream. Ornamental kale thrives in the chilly spring and fall weather of Boulder and can survive frosts of approx -5 F.... Read More »
Million Belles

Calibrachoa or Million Belles: Calibrachoa Hybrid

This hard-to-pronounce (kal-ih-bruh-KO-uh) cousin of the petunia has quickly become one of the backbones of hanging baskets, French Garden containers, and garden edging.  Unlike petunias they bounce back better after a rainstorm, are not nearly as sticky, and do not require deadheading.  Yes, it’s true!  Also known as Million Bells or Callies, these fast growing trailers... Read More »
Canna Lily

Canna Lily: Canna x generalis

Looking to make a big splash? Plant a grouping of Canna Lilies for a vibrant tropical look to any garden or landscape! Cannas offer an incredibly striking view when planted in mass in open areas. Great at entrances for a home or subdivision! Their large tropical leaves are green, burgundy, or multi-colored stripes creating an impressive focal point in patio pots or gardens.  The bright,... Read More »

Cockscomb or wool flower: Celosia

The sunny annual Celosia tolerates hot, dry conditions well.  It is very low maintenance requiring almost no deadheading.  About the only thing it doesn’t like is being overwatered.  Commonly known as woolflower or cockscomb, the blooms are a distinctive flame shape or - you guessed it – a cockscomb with the curly folds similar to the surface of a rooster's comb. This... Read More »
cleome spider flower

Cleome Spider Flower: Cleome

Cleome is a great annual for a sunny spot. Also known as Spider Flower, this structural, tall plant has thorns along the length of its stem making it resistant to both rabbits and deer.  It tolerates drier soil yet benefits from even moisture while it is blooming. The whimsical shape of the flower makes it a standout in contemporary as well as cottage gardens.  It is low maintenance,... Read More »

Cosmos: Cosmos bipinnatus

The dry and sunny conditions of Colorado are terrific for cosmos.  The airy structure of the plant and flowers lend themselves well to a cottage or wildflower style garden.  Butterflies and bees can’t resist the simple white, pink, or soft red blossoms.  Deer, however, do resist.  The most common cosmos plants in our garden center are ‘Sonata’ :  a... Read More »

Dahlias: Dahlia

Dahlias come in one of the largest arrays of shapes, colors and sizes of any flower. Their size ranges from giant "dinner plate" to tiny pompon types. Dahlias make a splash as excellent cut flowers.  Dahlias are generally treated like annuals in our Boulder climate.  Their tubers can be dug in the fall, stored through the winter and started indoors in the early spring. As soon as all... Read More »
licorice plant

Licorice: Helichrysum petiolare

A full sun foliage favorite! Licorice has velvety soft silver foliage and a healthy spreading habit, making it ideal for combining with bright flowering annuals. Stunning when planted in large masses to create a soothing and cooling zone in sun saturated locations.
Annual Plant Lantana Boulder CO

Lantana: Lantana

A favorite late spring through autumn bloomer! Lantana are native to tropical regions and popular as heat tolerant annuals for xeriscape gardens. Their clusters of tiny blooms come in a good range of colors and are loved by butterflies. Varieties may be upright or trailing, but all have nicely textured foliage. Flowers in shades of pink, yellow, orange, lavender, white, red, and bicolor. Especially... Read More »
Mandevilla  (splendens)

Mandevilla: Mandevilla (splendens)

Mandevilla's steal the spotlight as a flowering vine ranging 4' - 8' in height with large, trumpet-shaped blooms available in red, pink and white. Incredibly showy and easy to grow creating a splendid centerpiece on a trellis in the garden or in a patio container. Admired for its abundance of blooms all season long. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds to the garden.
geranium plant

Geranium: Pelargonium

Geraniums are some of our favorite summer annuals for planters, pots and hanging baskets.  Upright geraniums will give you height in the center of a container garden or mixed pot of annuals.  Ivy geraniums are perfect for overflowing in hanging baskets.  The large colorful flower clusters, attractive deep green foliage and ease of care over a very long flowering period also allow... Read More »

Petunias: Petunia x hybrida

Their wide color selection, easy culture, and ability to knit together a garden, hanging basket, window box, or French Garden container have earned petunias their well deserved popularity.  They thrive in full sun and evenly moist soil, with regular fertilization.  Petunias hold up well in Colorado’s dry and windy conditions.  Their fast growing habit makes them a boon for... Read More »
Portulaca grandiflora

Portulaca (moss rose): Portulaca grandiflora

Commonly referred to as Rose Moss, the miniature rose-like blooms open when the sun shines bright! The stems of succulent-like foliage lead to single or double blooms, depending on variety. A carefree option to add splashes of color in shades of red, pink, purple, yellow, orange, and white. Superb for combination plantings and mixed-in with other succulent plants.
Scaevola aemula

Fan Flower: Scaevola aemula

Like its name, the blooms of this species resemble tiny fans, unfolded against the summer heat. Fan Flower is a favorite for use in annual combinations. Very heat tolerant with blooms in shades of blue and white. Excellent selection for xeriscaping.
Seneio cineraria

Dusty Miller: Seneio cineraria

Dusty Miller brings a calm, cool contrast to any planting with its downy, silvery foliage. The varieties display their differences in the leaves from notched edges to intricately cut, fern-like foliage. The tiny hairs on the leaves, that give them their softness and color, enable them to be heat tolerant.

Marigolds: Tagetes species

     The saturated golds, yellows and rusts of the marigold are a bright addition to French Garden containers, window boxes, and garden borders.  Their structure is fairly upright and rigid making them a good compliment to softer profile plants such as nasturtiums, angelonia, ornamental grasses, and bidens.  They thrive in full sun to very light shade with even moisture. ... Read More »
Verbena x hybrida

Verbena : Verbena x hybrida

For a palette burst of color, add Verbena to any garden or container and enjoy its vigorous, low-maintenance style. Dainty clusters of colorful blooms contrast beautifully with the dark green leaves. Appreciate blooms in shades of blue, purple, pink, red, and white.

Pansy: Viola x wittrockiana

Pansies have been a garden favorite since the first varieties were developed from the wild Viola species back in the 1800’s in England. The charming flat-faced flowers bloom in array of colors including blue, red, pink, yellow, orange, white, purple, black, and bicolor. A popular choice for planting in cooler temperatures in garden beds or container plantings . Planted earlier in the spring... Read More »
Zinnia elgans

Zinnias: Zinnia elgans

A vase of fresh cut Zinnias is the spotlight in any room! Prized for mass plantings in flower beds, borders, containers, and cutting gardens. With their dependability and sensational array of flower color and heights, zinnias easily earn their distinguished reputation.