Rose List Availability 2018


Climbers     Description Scent
Above All Own Root CL Salmon-Orange Blend moderate fruity
Autumn Sunset   CL Warm Apricot Gold strong fruity
Blaze Improved   CL Brillian Red light fruity
Don Juan   CL Deep Velvety Red strong rose
Fourth of July AARS   CL Velvety Red striped Bright White cut apple & sweet rose
Grape Jelly Own Root CL  Deep Lavender to Brugundy none
Highwire Flyer Own Root CL  Hot Pink none
Iceberg   CL Ice White mild honey
Joesph's Coat   CL  Multi: Red, Pink, Orange & Yellow  light tea
Sky's the Limit   CL Buttery Yellow  slight fruity
Tropical Lightening   CL Orange with Cream Stripes moderate with fruit to apple
David Austin     Description Scent
Boscobel   DA Red opening to Salmon myrrh fragrance
Darcey Bussell   DA Rich Crimson fruity
Jubilee Celebration   DA Rich Salmon Pink fruity rose scent
Gertrude Jekyll   DA Glowing Pink old rose fragrance
Munstead Wood   DA Deep Velvety Crimson moderate fruit to apple
Ground Cover     Description Scent
Apricot Drift Own Root GC Apricot Color none
Rainbow Happy Trails Own Root GC Yellow GOld with Dk. Pink Edge  mild tea and fruity
Red Drift Own Root GC Rosy Red none
Sunshine Happy Trails Own Root GC Yellow-Gold  moderate fruity
Grandiflora     Description Scent
Anna's Promise**   GF Gold Tan & Pk w Copper Reverse moderately fruity
Dick Clark AARS 2011   GF Cream Cherrry w Burgundy Blush moderate cinnimon spice
Dream Come True AARS   GF Golden Yellow Edged in Ruby mild tea
Fragrant Plum   GF Lavender Blushing Purple strong fruity
Happy Go Lucky   GF Pure Yellow moderate fruit and tea
Miss Congeniality   GF White with Dk. Pink Picotee moderate pear and spice
Parade Day   GF Fuchsia Pink w /White Stripes strong citrus and spice
Strike It Rich AARS   GF Deep Golden Yellow  strong spice & fruit
Twilight Zone   GF Deep Velvet Purple stong clove and spice
Ground Cover     Description Scent
Apricot Drift Own Root GC Apricot Color none
Rainbow Happy Trails Own Root GC Yellow Gold with Dk. Pink Edge mild tea and fruity
Red Drift Own Root GC Rosy Red none
Sunshine Happy Trails Own Root GC Yellow-GOld  moderate fruity
Floribunda     Description Scent
Angel Face AARS   FL Medium Lavender w /Ruby Blush strong citrus
Betty Boop   FL ellow edged with Red  fruity
Candy Cane  Own Root FL Yellow Edged with Red none
Chihuly   FL Multi Ap. Yellow to Orange/Red mild tea
Cinco De Mayo   FL Red-Orange and Lavender fresh-cut apple
Doris Day   FL Pure Golden Yellow  strong fruity spice
Drop Dead Red   FL Red Velvet mild tea
Easy Does It 2010 AARS   FL Mango, Peach, Apricot Blend moderate fruity
Easy to Please   FL  Fuchia Pink w /Lighter Reverse moderate clove & cinnamon
Ebb Tide   FL Deep Plum Purple strong spiicy clove
Fired Up  Own Root FL Striped Yellow and Bright Orange non
Frido Kahlo   FL Scarlet Red w Gold Stripes mild fruity
Hot Cocoa AARS   FL Chocolate Orange  moderate old rose
Julia Child AARS   FL Buttery Gold strong licorice
Ketchup & Mustard   FL Ketchup Red/Mustard Yellow mild
Livin' Easy  Own Root FL Apricot Orange Blend moderately fruity
Love Song   FL  Clear Lavender mild citrus
Pumpkin Patch   FL  Carmel Orange moderate fruity
Rosie The Riveter   FL Orangy Gold w Pink reverse moderate fruit & spice
Sparkle & Shine   FL Sparkling Clear Yellow moderate fruity
Vavoom   FL Orange-Juice Orange moderate spicy
Violet's Pride**   FL Lavender w/ Magenta Heart trong grapefruit
Hybrid Tea     Description Scent
California Dreamin' Rose Own Root HT White with Pink Edges  strong citrus
Chicao Peace   HT Phlox Pink and Canary  Yellow slightly fruity
Cinnamon Doice   HT  Brick Red with Pink Specks very strong
Dark Night   HT Dk. Velvety Red, Lt Yel Reverse very slight
Dolly Parton   HT  Lipstick Red Orange strong rose
Double Delight AARS   HT  Cream blushing red strong spcisy rose
Firefighter   HT Dusky Velvet Red intense old rose
Good As Gold   HT Deep Golden Orange/Yellow Grapefuity and Citrus
Henry Fonda   HT Deep Yellow  light sweet
Honor AARS   HT Crisp Bright White slight tea
Ingrid Bergman   HT Dark Red fragrant
Mercury Rising  Own Root HT Mediium Pink w Ivory Cream slight
Michaelangelo  Own Root HT Golden Yellow  strong sweet lemon
Mister Lincoln   HT  Velvety Red  strong damask rose
Mooonlight Romantica   Own Root HT Light Yellow strong
Neil Diamond    HT Pink and White Striped  Intense sweet and rose
Peace AARS   HT   Lemony Yellow Edged Pure Pink  mild fruity
Perfume Delight AARS   HT Deep Rose Pink strong rose
Pope John Paul   HT Pure White  strong citrus blossom
Pretty Lady Rose**   HT Deep Even Pink  moderate peony and spice
Princess Charlene de Monaco   HT  Light Apricot to Shell Pink  very strong
Smokin' Hot   HT Dark Orange w / Purple Overlay moderate tea and spice
St. Patrick AARS   HT Yellow Gold Shaded Green slight
TAhitian Sunset AARS   HT Apricot Yellow Blushing Pink strong fruit
Touch of Class AARS   HT  Glowing Coral Pink  slight tea
Mini Roses     Description Scent
All a Trwitter  Own Root M Brilliant Orange light
Rainbow Sunblaze   M Orange Red Red Undertones none
Ruby Ruby Own Root M Cherry Red light
Smoke Rings Own Root M Melon Orange w Purplish Border slight
Texas Own Root M Bright Sunny Yellow slight
Tiddly Winks Own Root M Orange Pink and Yellow Bicolor slight
Shrubs     Description Scent
Champlain (Zone 3-7) Own Root SH Bright medium Red mild
Childrens Hope Own Root SH Medium Red with a Smokey Edge slight
Coral Knockout Own Root SH Brick Orange Fading to Coral none
Double Knockout Own Root SH Cherry Red slight
Home Run Own Root SH Flame Red slight
Modern Fireglow  Own Root SH Orange Reverse Side Red slight
Morden Sunrise  Own Root SH Orange Blend strong
Nearly Wild Own Root SH Medium Pink slight apple
Peachy Knockout Own Root SH Shell Pink with Yellow Center none
Pink Double Knockout Own Root SH Bubblegum Pink slight
Tequila Supreme Own Root SH Copper and Ochre none
White Out Own Root SH White slight citrus
Top Gun Own Root SH Red Suffused w. Dk. Burgundy moderate fruity
Watercolors Home Run Own Root SH Yellow Gold with Pink Blush moderate spice
White Knockout Own Root SH Pure White  slight
Winnepeg Parks Own Root SH Deep Pink slight
Yabba Dabba Doo Own Root SH Orangey Pink with Yellow Eye mild