Valentine's Day

anthurium Plant for Valentine's Day Cyclamen Plant Boulder CO pink cyclamen blossoms Euro Basket for Valentine's Day cyclamen Phalaenopsis Orchids Boulder Colorado

On February 14th surprise your Valentine with a long lasting blooming plant.  Our cyclamen with red, white or pink upswept flowers are the perfect Valentines with their heart shaped leaves.  

Red, pink or white anthurium are easy to care for tropical houseplants.  They blossom freely with heart shaped flowers in a sunny location indoors in Boulder.

Phalaeonopsis orchids are also easy to grow and rebloom indoors in Boulder.  Each individual bloom may last from 80 to 120 days and given the proper care and feeding, they will often throw up another bloom stalk before the flowers on the old stalk have completely faded.  These orchids grow well near bright windows, with no direct sun light. An east window is ideal in the home; shaded south or west windows are acceptable. The ideal temperatures for phalaenopsis should be above 60 °F at night and between 70° and 82 °F during the day.