Planting Container Roses

  1. Select a fairly level site with at approximately 6 hours of sun light. Strong wind areas are not recommended. If the rose is fragrant, consider choosing a site close enough to enjoy the fragrance.
  2. Dig the hole about 18-24 inches across and 14-18 inches deep. Discard bottom 1/3 of soil. Set the container in the hole to make sure that the bud union on a grafted rose will be 3-4 inches BELOW the soil level. Own root roses may be planted with the branching point 1-2 inches below ground level.
  3. Before placing rose in hole, check for proper drainage by filling hole with water. Water should be completely drained in one hour.
  4. Prepare your backfill soil from the upper 2/3 of soil that was removed from the hole. This soil should be amended (mixed) with compost. Usually 2 parts existing soil to 1 part compost depending on the condition of the existing soil.
  5. Place a small amount of super phosphate or 1 cup of Mile-Hi Rose Feed in the bottom of the hole.
  6. Remove rose from container keeping soil ball intact. Place rose in prepared hole. With amended soil, fill the space around the rose half way. Fill the hole with water. When the water has drained, fill the hole the rest of the way with the amended soil. Do not pack the soil. Water again.
  7. Make a well around the newly planted rose. This will make future watering easier.
  8. Mulch 3-4 inches around newly planted rose.
  9. Watering should be slow and deep approximately 12-18 inches. You can place your hose in the well and turn water to a thin stream. The well will keep the water directed to the rose root ball. Water 1 time per day for the first week. Water every other day the second week. Water once a week there after depending on need.