Customer Favorites

Alnwick Rose

The Alnwick Rose: Alnwick Rose

The Alnwick Rose provides a pleasing progression starting with pretty rich pink, cup shaped buds that gradually develop into a broad, full-petalled, shallow cup of soft pink. The flowers are beautiful at all stages and produces its bloom intermittently from early summer to the onset of frost. Plentiful green foliage sets the background for the variety of flowering forms. To add to its majestic... Read More »
Abraham Darby

Abraham Darby: David Austin Rose

Abraham Darby was introduced by David Austin in England in 1985. This English rose was bred by crossing the climber 'Aloha' with the floribunda 'Yellow Chusion'.  It has deeply cupped flowers with an average diameter of 5 inches.  Each rose can consist of up to 70 petals. The blossoms are apricot and yellow tinted with pink.  They have a rich fruity fragrance, and are perfect for... Read More »
Roses in Boulder CO

Love Song: Love Song Rose

The Love Song soothes and radiates with a regal appearance and moderate fragrance. Known for very large blooms averaging 5" in diameter with very full 41 plus petals. The stand-out lavender roses bloom in flushes throughout the season.
Yellow Knock Out Rose

Knockouts: Rosa

The Knock Out Family of Roses can fit into any landscape. A customer favorite due to its stunning flower power to produce generous blooms from Spring until Frost. Characteristics include easy to grow, low maintenance, and great disease resistance. All of the Knock Out Roses are self-cleaning so there is no need to deadhead.
Ebb Tide

Ebb Tide: Rosa 'WEKsmopur'

A modern shrub rose with its unique color of smoky purple but with old fashioned double blooms. Ebb Tide radiates a clove scent and is very disease resistant. A rose that creates a definite conversation centered around its color and style!
Rosa 'WEKzazette'

Ketchup & Mustard: Rosa 'WEKzazette'

Discover a new meaning to the paired words "Ketchup and Mustard" with this admired rose. Bright red petals with golden yellow underneath produce sumptuous color effects as the blossoms open. Small clusters of striking, lightly fragrant 3 - 4 inch blooms appear in flushes all season on nearly thornless, bushy plants filled with glossy foliage.
Vavoom Rose

Vavoom: Vavoom Rose

A conversational piece in any garden! Vavoom makes its presence known with blooms of gleaming orange-juice orange color. The glowing color is made even more intense against the backdrop of glossy green leaves and deep mahogany-red new growth. The long-lived blooms offer a moderate spicy fragrance.