Alchemilla mollis

Lady's Mantel: Alchemilla mollis

Lady's Mantel is popular for its beautiful foliage texture which can catch and hold water drops, then glisten in the sun. Rounded, velvety soft olive-green leaves are topped with delicate yellow blossoms. Performs well in shade or sun.

Lily of the Valley: Convallaria majalis

Lilies of the Valley are a great early April and May bloomer in partial to fully shaded areas in moist fertilie soil. They are wonderful small plants for naturalizing under trees.  These perennials are rhizomatous plants that may need to be divided if they have been in the same place for a few years and don't seem to bloom as freely as they once did. Lilies of the Valley have clusters of... Read More »
Galium odoratum

Sweet Woodruff: Galium odoratum

A scented foliage presenting a green backdrop of symmetrical sphere-shaped leaves to reveal clusters of fragrant white 4-petal flowers. Blooms appear in late spring and early summer. An easy to grow perennial effective under trees where lawn has difficulty establishing.
Hosta Hybrid

Hosta: Hosta Hybrid

The Hosta is the sought-after and staple plant for many gardeners seeking a perennial that flourishes with shade. Nice for mass plantings and woodland gardens.

Dead Nettle: Lamium

A wonderful option for bringing color into dull shady locations. Lamium forms a vigorous spreading matt of foliage; effective under trees and high decks where lawn has difficulty establishing. Short spikes of colorful, dainty blooms are an added bonus. Flowers in shades of yellow, pink, purple, and white. A real relief when seeking a solution for covering heavily shaded areas!
lobelia cardinalis

Cardinal Flower: Lobelia Cardinalis

Lobelia Cardinalis (common name Cardinal Flowers) produce tall, graceful spikes of bright red flowers between midsummer and early autumn. Cardinal Flowers bring the garden to life by attracting several species of butterflies as well as hummingbirds! A great addition to woodland settings. Lobelia Cardinalis does best in filtered sunlight or shady areas in Boulder.  It is native to the Eastern... Read More »

Lungwort: Pulmonaria

An ideal perennial for moist, shady gardens. Peppy, spotted green foliage assures eye catching, cross-seasonal interest while clusters of dainty, funnel-shaped pink and blue blooms are an added late winter to early spring bonus. Good choice for shady borders, woodland gardens and ground cover.