High Light Plants


Azalea: Azalea

Azaleas lead the pack among the most popular flowering plants. Their bountiful, colorful, and long lasting flowers, combined with a compact growth habit and the ability to be planted outdoors, makes them an ideal choice for gift-giving. A popular Mother's Day gift presented to appreciative Moms everywhere!
Beaucarnea recurvata

Ponytail Plam: Beaucarnea recurvata

The extremely slow-growing pony tail palm makes a surprisingly interesting desktop plant. Indoors, these novel miniature palms are often grown in shallow pots, with a tuft of strappy green leaves emerging from a bulbous stem that seems to erupt from the soil. Given time and the right conditions, these plants will grow into respectable specimen plants, up to 6 feet in height or more.
Begonia x hiemalis

Reiger Begonia: Begonia x hiemalis

Rieger Begonias are an excellent mixer for annual plantings offering attractive glossy foliage and plentiful blooms. Bring indoors to bright, filtered light to enjoy a second burst of blooms in the winter. Flowers in shades of red, white, yellow, orange, and pink.
Codiaeum variegatum pictum

Codiaeum (Croton): Codiaeum variegatum pictum

Crotons are houseplants that normally have variegated leaves with brilliant shades of yellow, red, and green. Crotons originated from Indonesia so they adapt well in the warm climates of homes. A fairly easy plant to grow indoors.
Ficus Benjamina

Weeping Fig: Ficus Benjamina

Ficus benjamina, commonly known as the weeping fig, Benjamin's fig, or ficus tree is often sold in stores as just ficus. It is a tree with gracefully drooping branches and glossy leaves, oval with an acuminate tip. A ficus tree is a very popular houseplant in temperate areas due to its elegant growth and tolerance of poor growing conditions.
Gardenia jasminoide

Gardenia: Gardenia jasminoide

The gardenia is an old-fashioned fragrant beauty that makes a great gift. The quest for the perfect scented creamy-white blossom makes growing gardenias a rewarding hobby for even the amateur horticulturist.
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

Hibiscus: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

Hibiscus are tropical plants well suited to be grown indoors since they prefer conditions that appeal to people. Growing hibiscus in pots is not too difficult with care. Potted hibiscus are known to become very old, forty years or more is not that rare!
Hoya carnosa

Hoya: Hoya carnosa

Commonly known as Wax Plant, Hoya Carnosa is a tough tropical plant. They have a thick waxy leaf and exquisite clusters of small star-shaped waxy flowers. Often used in hanging baskets, Hoya flowers release a fragrant scent during the evenings while in bloom. The hoya adapts readily to the conditions in most homes.

Juniper Bonsai: Juniperus

This is the plant most often associated with bonsai. The juniper has a bright green, low spreading and cascading style. 
Kalanchoe pinnata

Kalanchoe: Kalanchoe pinnata

Kalanchoes are characterized by opening their vibrant colorful flowers by growing new cells on the inner surface of the petals to force them outwards, and on the outside of the petals to close them. Cultivated as ornamental houseplants and rock or succulent garden plants hence its thick leaves and foliage. Commonly purchased during the Chinese New Year for decorative purposes.
Madagascar Jasmine

Stephanotis floribunda: Madagascar Jasmine

Stephanotis isn't the easiest plant to grow in Boulder.  It loves very bright light and a humid climate.  We can easily supply the light but  our climate is anything but humid.  it's beautiful, strongly perfumed, waxy tubular flowers still make it well worth the effort. Even when not in bloom, the glossy green leaves growing on vines that may reach ten feet make it a beautiful... Read More »