Fragaria vesca

Alpine Strawberry: Fragaria vesca

Full Sun to Part Shade / 4 to "6” Tall / Zone 5 / Keep moist Emmy likes to bask in the sun and her petite sensations enjoy a bright spot as well. Don’t let their small size fool you. Emmy’s berries are packed with sugary goodness and are extremely easy to care for. While Emmy prides herself on being a “glass half-full” sort of fairy; when it comes to harvesting,... Read More »
Parrots Beak Plant

Parrots Beak: Lotus berthelotti

Sun to Part Shade / 6' Tall / Zone 9 / Average water and well-draining soil This serious fairy is surprisingly handy and doesn't mind hammering out the details. A feathered-friend served as her inspiration and Sammy was careful not to cut corners as she constructed a little masterpiece that quickly became her favorite perch.  Parrots Beak plants produce an exotic looking flower resembling... Read More »
Efin THyme Plant

Efin Thyme: Thymus praecox

Full Sun / 2” Tall / Zone 5 / Drought tolerant when established This tiny-leafed thyme plant looks a bit like moss and spreads quickly throughout a garden. Vi knows Elfin Thyme will give your barefooted fairies a place to frolic and they’ll adore you for it! Our tiny pals just love skipping through the miniature pink flowers when the days get longer.