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Outdoor Garden Center




Our experienced garden staff can help you pick the right annuals for your garden space whether it's in the sun or the shade. We'll be happy to plant up a container for you or help you design and create your own pots with cascading blue lobelia coming over the edge, upright snapdragons and blue salvia and red geraniums for height and bushy purple petunias and white alyssum for filler in the middle.




Perennials are the backbone of the flower garden providing color with their spectacular blossoms year after year. In our bedding plant houses in the garden center we have a full selection of herbaceous perennials that will grow and bloom over the spring and summer, die back every autumn and winter and then return the next spring from their own root stock that remains dormant during Boulder's cold winter months.




You don't have to wait until springtime to grow herbs for that extra touch for all your culinary needs. At Sturtz and Copeland we have herb plants available throughout the entire year that will thrive in a warm, sunny kitchen window even during the coldest Boulder winter. Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme are only a few of the varieties that we carry to spice up your favorite meals.




Roses are long lasting, fragrant, easy to care for and exquisitely beautiful. We're always looking for that perfect rose. Jason and Tom spend hours talking to our growers about which plants did well this year and what they would like to try next. They order over a thousand plants every year. If you have a favorite that you haven't been able to find, ask Jason or Tom and they will try to obtain it for you.




Everyone loves the beautiful large blue, star shaped flowers of the clematis vine that blooms reliably at the entrance to the garden center all summer long. Hummingbirds love the bright orange, yellow or red flowers of our trumpet vines. Honeysuckle, Virginia Creeper and Chinese Wisteria are just a few of the vines that we carry that do well in our Boulder climate. Let them cascade over a wall, climb a trellis or hug a wall.




There’s no quicker way to liven up your garden than to drop in a few grasses and stand back. It’s the gardening equivalent of an exclamation point! When taken care of they can fill out in as little as three years and are often drought tolerant as well. They range in color from green to red to blue to black. Some are even zebra striped.

Vegetable Starts



Tom loves gardening and loves tomatoes. He orders over 50 different kinds for the garden center. Heirlooms like Cherokee Purple and cherries like Sun Gold are two of his favorites. Get a jump on cold weather and plant spinach, kale and beet seedlings in March and April. Watermelon, zucchini, cucumber and pepper seedlings should be planted after the danger of frost has passed.




We specialize in evergreen shrubs that will do well in outdoor containers and rock gardens. They make a wonderful statement in an elegant pot welcoming guests at your entryway all year long. We even give classes on how to plant them and how to embellish your potted evergreens throughout the seasons with different holiday decorations.

Hanging Baskets



Baskets brimming with annuals on the porch, patio or hanging from a tree branch add a special touch of color on those warm summer days. We have geraniums, petunias, million bells and mixed annuals for the sun. Fuchsia, lobelia, ferns, begonias and impatiens all do well in the shade. Our favorites are the moss baskets that we plant up ourselves. Since we can plant those with annuals on the top as well as the sides, they are completely covered with a myriad of blossoms all summer long.




While a xeric garden will never look like an English country garden, xeric plants are beautiful, thrive in terrible soils and once established will grow for years with little or no care. Native and xeriscape plants will often survive with less care, and energy than many of the fancy hybrids. It's easier to maintain a healthy garden or landscape with native plants that have naturally adapted to our local Boulder, Colorado climate and geology.




We love succulents. We love all the different, shapes, sizes and textures. The garden staff loves to create succulent planters for indoors, and the French Gardeners are always filling outdoor pots with hardy varieties. The floral designers love to use them in bridal bouquets and flower arrangements for all those unique and special customers who also appreciate the beauty and form of succulents.