Make someone happy with a Valentine from Sturtz and Copeland!

Flowers for Mom Red Roses arranged in a rectangular wooden box Jellycat bunnies for your Valentine Dragonfly Pillows Roses and cymbidium orchids Tulips and peach roses Roses arranged in a clear cylinder with bear grass shaped like a heart Autumn in the walk in flower cooler Pink and red roses for a perfect Boulder Valentine's Day Orchid plants and water fountains Cymbidiums and roses Jason with a mixed spring arrangement Flowering kale and tulips in a Valentine arrangement Bath bombs for your Valentine Mixed spring flowers with fragrant hyacinths Brittany and Trevor with Valentine roses Dusty miller and peonies Long Lasting Pink Phalaenopsis Orchid Candles, soaps and lotions Yoga frogs Hyacinths and tulips Roses, roses, roses Green and pink hydrangeas with pink ranunculus Yellow roses and orchids Mixed red and pink roses in a glass cylinder lined with greens Three different rose arrangements Pastel Hydrangeas and Hyacinths Yellow and orange roses Mixed spring flowers in a clear vase Valentine cards and soaps Gund puppy and silly Jellycat chicken with Valentine card Stephanie with a beautiful mixed bouquet Mandy with a beautiful orchid plant Mike loves to deliver Valentine arrangements

Need a Valentine this February 14th?  We've got you covered. Whether it's for your sweetheart, your best friend, your Mom, Grandma, daughter or son, we've got the perfect gift.  

Running out of time.  No problem. Just call 303-442-6663 and speak to one of our flower and plant specialists. Then let us deliver the perfect Valentine to that special someone.

A Phalaenopsis orchid plant with it's beautifully arching stems of pink or white moth shaped flowers could be a wonderful gift for your sweetie.  The flowers are long lasting and the plants are so easy to care for. Even in our dry climate this is an orchid plant that will reward you with flowers again and again for years to come.

Our stuffed animals from Jellycat and Gund are perfect for all ages and anyone on your Valentine list. Jellycat stuffed rabbits and puppies are cute, cuddly, and of so soft. The octopus, whales and chickens are also irresistibly cuddly and soft but they are also super silly and are sure to bring a smile.

The graphics and packaging on all the products from Michel Design Works are fabulous. Their soaps, candles, lotions and bath products are beautiful to looks at, wonderfully fragrant and soothe the soul. We especially love all their new bath bombs. Fill the tub, drop in a bath bomb and the soothing ingredients will immediately begin to effervesce, releasing essential oils into the water and a delicate scent into the air.

We have cards for every occassion and for every Valentine. Cute, humorous, sincere, traditional, and contemporary, you're sure to find the perfect card in our stationery department.

Flowers, flowers, flowers. We're loving the spirng blossoms that are coming in now. Fragrant hyacinths, daffodils and tulips would delight any Valentine. The blue, white and pink hydrangeas are awesome. Red, pink, yellow, or white roses are always a hit. Try them in a contemporary arrangement in a rectangular wooden box, or a glass cylinder vase.  With the stems cut short, they make a perfect flowery mound of magnificent color.