Say Happy Hanukkah with cards and beautiful blue and white flowers

More Joy Less Oy Hanukkah Greeting Card Phalaenopsis Orchids, perfect for home growing in Boulder Trevor and Jenn with blooming plants for the holidays Blue Hydrangea Hanukkah Cards White Cyclamen Blue and white gift bags with stars Hanukkah Flowers with White Vance Kittira Candles I Love Latkes Hanukkah Card Vase of Hanukkah flowers with blue delphinium Happy Hanukkah with blue bachelor buttons Hanukkah flowers with white hydrangea and stock White hydrangeas and paperwhites for Hanukkah Hanukkah Cards Blue Hydrangea for Hanukkah

Let our designers create the perfect blue and white Hanukkah arrangements for the holidays.  Blue hydrangea, delphinium or "love in the mist" go perfectly with white lilies, roses and alstromeria.  Stems of white dendrobiums and silvery white ribbon will add elegance to any centerpiece. White branches will give you that extra height, and mixed evergreens, especially blue berried juniper, incense cedar and noble fir will add warmth and a fresh outdoor fragrance.

We have wonderful Hanukkah cards too!