Thanksgiving Centerpiece with Artichokes and Calla LiliesThanksgiving Arrangement with Sunflowers and GourdsThanksgiving Centerpiece with Flowering KaleNatural palm wax candles hand made in Colorado.Christmas Flower Arrangement Boulder COChristmas Trees for sale in Boulder, CO at Sturtz and Copeland Florists.Christmas Flowers at Sturtz and Copeland Boulder COChristmas Ribbon at Sturtz and Copeland in Boulder COChristmas Trees Boulder CORed and White Poinsettia Boulder COGarden FairiesWoodland houses covered with moss for fairy gardens.White Amaryllis in Boulder Colorado Paperwhite narcissus  in Boulder Colorado Bi Color Amaryllis at Sturtz and Copeland

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Christmas Trees in Boulder Colorado

Our Christmas Tree lot is open and filled with fresh, fragrant, real evergreens. more

Decorated Christmas Tree in Sturtz and Copeland

Happy Holidays

Walking into the Christmas tree lot in the back of Sturtz and Copeland is like being in a winter wonderland. The fresh... more

Holiday Cards and Advent Calendars

We love getting and giving hand written cards for the holidays. more


With its beautiful bright red bracts, no other plant symbolizes the holiday spirit more than the poinsettia. more

Happy Hanukkah

Menorahs, Dreidels, Latkes, and Blue and White Hanukkah Flowers more

How to Force Amaryllis Blossoms for the Holidays

They are easy, fast and almost foolproof. more

Paperwhite Narcissus

The easiest bulbs to force for fragrant flowers all winter long. more

Schedule a class "designed" especially for you and your friends

Bring the libations and come for an evening of creative fun at Sturtz and Copeland. more

Wedding inspiration.

Let our designers help you create the perfect bouquets for your special day. more

New Products

Davis--The Perfect Christmas Tree Stands

Fast, efficient and easy. Safe, sturdy and simple. more

Connie in the Christmas Tree Lot

Fresh and Fragrant Evergreen Branches, Tips and Boughs

Mix and match by the pound. more

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Mice in red sweaters, birds, angels, gnomes and cowboys boots. more

Christmas Trees

Our Christmas Tree lot is open and filled with fresh, fragrant, real evergreens. more

Custom Wreaths

Let our designers create the perfect wreath for you holiday decor. more

Garden fairy with gossamer wings and red hair.

Garden Fairies

With gossamer wings and moss covered houses for all your woodland fairy gardens. more

Fairy Garden Merry Christmas

Fairy Gardens

Hunter has been ordering fabulous miniature swings, bridges, garden benches, bbq's, windmills, fences and trellises. more

Garden Sculpture

Works of art to help create the perfect garden ambience indoors or out. more

Small Green Pots


Indoor and outdoor pottery for all your houseplants, patio pots and French Gardens. more

Stonewashed Praying Monk

This 20 inch volcanic ash praying monk wears traditional clothing and footwear with a beaded mall around his neck. Weatherproofed... more


New shipment of indoor and outdoor fountains. more

Kuan Yin Statues in Boulder, CO

New Statuary for the Garden

Ganesh, Kuan Yin, Jizo, Buddhas more

Eco-concrete Campos table and stools

Eco-Fiber Cement Furniture

Simple, elegant and practical, these pieces are made in Vietnam with stone and natural jute fibers from the Mekong River... more